Foster Respite

Though The Villa recognizes that the core component of foster care is to provide children and youth with the opportunity to flourish in a home environment when they cannot be with their families of origin, we also recognize the needs of families providing the important service of opening up their homes and lives to foster children. In addition to providing training services for new foster parents, as well as on-going training, The Villa is able to offer a respite home for foster youth. Our campus offers an environment with trained and credentialed staff in accordance with state regulations providing foster agencies with a readily accessible environment for both planned and unplanned respite care needs. Use of Villa services will lessen overburdening current foster families or requiring foster families to identify and credential friends/family members. 

County children and youth agencies and Community Umbrella Associations (CUAs) would contract with The Villa for this service. When a referring agency is working with a foster care or treatment foster care family who has an upcoming need for respite, the referring agency would contact The Villa to “reserve” bed days for the youth. The referring agency would be expected to provide a summary of the youth, provide authorization for treatment during that time, which would include emergency medical care and case management. Transportation to the youth’s home school district would be arranged between The Villa and the referring agency if the youth was attending school during the respite stay. The stay could not exceed 14 days, without the youth being fully admitted to the residential program at The Villa. 

The youth in respite care would receive the same level of supervision and support as traditional residential clients. They will participate in any on-grounds activities occurring during their stay and have opportunities to visit with family members as dictated by the Family Service Plan, as well as telephone contact with resource family and family of origin.