Campus Residential Program

The primary objective of the treatment environment is to provide children with a safe, nurturing, protective and therapeutic environment that respects cultural and ethnic identities while addressing unique educational, developmental, and emotional needs.

The program is designed to work toward the successful reintegration of a resident into his/her family, school, and/or home community. The Villa provides inclusive services on-campus to address all of the needs of youth ages 12 to 20, including medical services, psychiatric services, educational and vocational programming. (Youth can remain in treatment until the age of 21, or until completion of high school.) All services are provided in the context of a therapeutic environment known as the Family Learning Environment.

The Family Learning Environment model incorporates the Sanctuary model and the Mission of the Villa as the philosophical frameworks for interaction with youth, as well as each other. The goal of the model is for all the youth receiving treatment at The Villa to progress through the program using positive relationships and learning the necessary social skills to successfully navigate their home and community.

Therapy, recreation, and supervision are geared to the developmental needs of the residents. Enjoyable and meaningful activities and instruction are provided to ensure success, improve self-esteem and lead to reachable goals for the group and the individual resident.

Family involvement is an integral part of the resident's treatment program. The agency recognizes that residents are not independent persons and that it is essential to work with them in the context of a family plan. Involvement in other community services and/or support groups is encouraged whenever it might help maximize the strengths of family members. Family meetings are scheduled bi-weekly for all families for at least 30 minutes each, unless contraindicated by court order or Family Service Plan.

As part of the residential program youth can be referred to the following campus based services:

Education: The Villa Academy is a full-time emotional support program that meets the educational needs of youth whose Individual Education Plan (IEP) requires an additional level of support. The program is staffed by Special Education teachers providing high-quality instruction. Additional support is also available by professionals trained in positive behavior support.

Outpatient: Clients receive a full psychiatric assessment to determine what services will be most beneficial. Services include individual and family therapy, as well as medication management. All services are provided by Master's level clinicians under the supervision of a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Services are designed to move youth through the program within 180 days and to work cooperatively with the referring agencies to begin discharge planning as soon as a youth is admitted.

The treatment team will incorporate campus therapy sessions with the discharge resource (family or foster family) to facilitate a smooth transition for the youth while assessing necessary resources post discharge for success within the home. Three additional clinical sessions will occur after the youth is in the home.