Short-Term Diagnostic Program

The Villa Short-Term Diagnostic Program provides placement and diagnostic services for youth on an on-going basis. The purpose of the program would be to conduct a full evaluation of the youth, family and community resources in order to identify most appropriate treatment interventions and placement, with a focus on identifying and remediating the immediate issues so that family reunification is the primary plan, with 1-2 concurrent placement plans. Youth who would be appropriate for the Diagnostic program would be youth who have not previously or recently been in placement, but are experiencing difficulties at home, in the community and/or in the school environment.

Each youth receives a comprehensive biopsychosocial evaluation (CBE) within the first 15 days of placement. This CBE is a collaborative effort between an assigned Master's level clinician and the Consulting Psychiatrist, with input from all members of the team, including family members, community resources and the case manager. The CBE includes an assessment of the family and community, an axis-5 diagnosis and specific recommendations for behavioral health treatment. In addition, the youth receives a full medical assessment, including a health and safety assessment, physical, vision test, dental check-up/cleaning, hearing test and any necessary immunizations. Full laboratory tests may also occur in an instance where psychotropic medication may be indicated. Any recommended follow-up medical care would be provided as well.

The Villa recognizes the importance and challenges that many of the youth may be experiencing in the school setting. Therefore, the diagnostic program would also include a full educational assessment, conducted at the on-grounds school, The Villa Academy.